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DZSWS:MSS.2517 Printed copy of the 1882 Act to give the trustees of the will of Sir Richard Colt Hoare power to sell property.
DZSWS:MSS.1 Notes and sketches on the church of St Thomas, Melksham Forest.
DZSWS:MSS.2 Newspaper, North Wilts Herald, September 26th 1863.
DZSWS:MSS.3 Research notes on Warminster from manorial, ecclesiastical and historical documents, prepared for Sir Richard Colt Hoare's History of the Hundred of Warminster.
DZSWS:MSS.4 Copy lists of taxpayers in 39 various parishes, dated 1781, 1801 and 1831.
DZSWS:MSS.5 Manuscript transcript of Box parish registers 16-17 cen.
DZSWS:MSS.6 Manuscript transcript of churchwardens' book for Box, 1810-1882.
DZSWS:MSS.8 Copy list of dues and lands belonging to Box vicarage, 1677.
DZSWS:MSS.9 Extracts from Box parish registers of births, marriages and deaths, parish briefs, list of those with certificates to be touched for the King's Evil, marriage contracts.
DZSWS:MSS.10 Copy court rolls, feet of fines, charters and additional manuscripts from Box.
DZSWS:MSS.11 Baptisms, marriages, deaths, list of parish officers, list of rectors, church and churchyard inscriptions from Mildenhall.
DZSWS:MSS.14 Notes on topography, local government, estates, religion, poor law, education and people from Berwick St Leonard, Bradford-on-Avon, Dinton, Donhead St Mary, Charlton, Liddington, Beechingstoke, Keevil, Tisbury, Sedgehill, Teffont Magna, West Hatch.
DZSWS:MSS.16 Notes on topography, history, natural history, religion, local government, estates, and people of Alton Barnes, Alton Priors and Potterne.
DZSWS:MSS.17 Book containing a typed article, manuscript notes, and newspaper articles on the history of the Wessex episcopates.
DZSWS:MSS.18 Extracts from Salisbury Diocesan records, including chapter registers, bishop's registers and minute book.
DZSWS:MSS.19 Notes on people and places, mainly concerning the history of Great Somerford.
DZSWS:MSS.20 Copy of Devizes municipal leases.
DZSWS:MSS.22 Copies of Great Somerford land deeds and wills.
DZSWS:MSS.23 Extracts from Mere churchwardens accounts, 1556 to 1750.
DZSWS:MSS.24 Extracts from Mere Churchwardens book, 1757 to 1853.
DZSWS:MSS.25 An article on royalty in Wiltshire through 10 centuries, cut from the Wiltshire Gazette Silver Jubilee number.
DZSWS:MSS.26 Study of Hudds Mill, Edington.
DZSWS:MSS.27 Transcripts of churchwardens accounts from Edington, 1577-1625, and 1808-1890, including a Proclamation against Vice 1699 and a commentary on the accounts.
DZSWS:MSS.29 Discussion of site of the Battle of Ethandun.
DZSWS:MSS.30 Discussion of the charter of King Edgar in 968 granting the manors of Ashton and Edington to Romsey Abbey.
DZSWS:MSS.31 References to Edington in Domesday Book.
DZSWS:MSS.34 Notes on the foundation of Edington Priory.
DZSWS:MSS.35 Notes on the properties of Edington Priory, described parish by parish.
DZSWS:MSS.36 Notes on Edington Priory up to the dissolution in 1539.
DZSWS:MSS.38 List of landholders in Edington taken from wills 1500-1800, and land sales 1549-1573.
DZSWS:MSS.39 Notes on the Edington parish registers 1675-1789.
DZSWS:MSS.40 Notes on parish papers of Edington church 1666-1826.
DZSWS:MSS.41 Notes on Edington highway book 1809-1827.
DZSWS:MSS.42 Notes on the Edington Overseers of the Poor accounts 1806-1834, including the names of people assisted.
DZSWS:MSS.43 Notes on Edington families.
DZSWS:MSS.44 Notes with pedigrees on the Pepler family of Edington.
DZSWS:MSS.45 List of field names in the Poor Rate valuation of 1822 and list of Edington ratepayers 1822.
DZSWS:MSS.47 Booklet on the family of Newton and an account of the manor and rectory of Lindfield.
DZSWS:MSS.48 Discussion of the optical peculiarities of ancient painted glass.
DZSWS:MSS.49 Discussion of the relative ages of the stone implement periods in England (belonged to William Cunnington).
DZSWS:MSS.51 List of works on the geology, mineralogy, and paleontology of Hampshire.(belonged to William Cunnington).
DZSWS:MSS.52 Catalogue of fossils from the cretaceous beds of Berkshire in the collection of E C Davey.
DZSWS:MSS.53 Notes on representations of a nimbus of fire or light either resting on or emanating from the head.
DZSWS:MSS.55 Text of lecture on Quaternary flint implements from France.
DZSWS:MSS.56 Booklet on leprosy at St Albans during the Middle Ages.
DZSWS:MSS.57 Article on a genus and species of Sauroid fish from the Kimmeridge clay of Culham, Oxfordshire.
DZSWS:MSS.58 Text of lecture on British antiquities to Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.(belonged to John Britton).
DZSWS:MSS.59 Article on the Roman antiquities discovered in Bath including two autograph letters from H.M. Scarth.(belonged to John Britton).
DZSWS:MSS.61 Article on the removal and relaying of roman tessellated floors.
DZSWS:MSS.62 Notes on a Kjokken-Modding in the Island of Herm.(belonged to John Britton).
DZSWS:MSS.63 Report on the excavations at the Roman site at Pevensey castle, Sussex.
DZSWS:MSS.64 Essay on the architectural features of Lacock Abbey, part 1, 1232-1539.
DZSWS:MSS.66 Programme of the Lacock Abbey pageant in 1932, including short historical notes, and advertisements.
DZSWS:MSS.67 16 photographs of the furniture in Lacock Abbey.
DZSWS:MSS.68 11 mounted photographs of stone carved corbels.
DZSWS:MSS.69 19 brass rubbings and drawings from Wiltshire churches.
DZSWS:MSS.70 List of subscribers to Jackson Memorial Fund 1891, including correspondence, and members of WAS 1890.
DZSWS:MSS.71 Specification of works for building a church and a later vestry at Melksham Forest together with letters, a photograph of a bell, and photographs of two seals.
DZSWS:MSS.72 Pedigree showing the Plantagenet kings and their connections with Amesbury and Melksham, and a page of coats of arms.
DZSWS:MSS.73 Plan and list of circular marks on the tithe barn in Bradford-on-Avon.
DZSWS:MSS.75 Account of the possessions of the Abbey of Malmesbury in Anglo-Saxon times with remarks on the ancient limits of the Forest of Braden.
DZSWS:MSS.76 Essay on history of Malmesbury Abbey.
DZSWS:MSS.79 Prerogative Court of Canterbury and Sarum wills; main families Awdry, Carpenter, Somner & Tipper.
DZSWS:MSS.80 Newscuttings and letter about John Wesley's activities in Wiltshire.
DZSWS:MSS.82 Notes on the escort provided for the Wiltshire sheriffs.
DZSWS:MSS.83 Wills and pedigrees of the Paradise family of Devizes, Wiltshire.
DZSWS:MSS.84 Transcript of Seend churchwardens book.
DZSWS:MSS.86 List of payments to the poor of Seend in 1870.
DZSWS:MSS.88 Copy of land deed, granting Melksham Forest to Christopher, Earl of Anglesey.
DZSWS:MSS.90 Notes on and a copy of the grant of Clarendon Park to George Monk, Duke of Albemarle in 1665, a pencil drawing of Sir Edward Nicholas and a letter from Canon J E Jackson concerning Clarendon Park.
DZSWS:MSS.91 Copy of grant of land in Inmarsh, Seend by Henry II to Richard Ruffus.
DZSWS:MSS.93 Family trees and heraldic notes on the family of Fell, Croucher, Lower and Penn.
DZSWS:MSS.95 Extracts from copies of deeds relating to place and field names in Corton.
DZSWS:MSS.98 Copies of Upton Lovell churchwardens account books 1738-1837, including incomplete lists of churchwardens, overseers and way wardens.
DZSWS:MSS.99 Pedigree and notes on the family of Hinkman of Upton Lovell, Wiltshire including a copy of the petition sent by Nathaniel Hickman to James II in 1688.
DZSWS:MSS.103 Notes on the Mogg family of Upton Lovell, Wiltshire.
DZSWS:MSS.104 Notes from the Rolls series on the disposal of lands belonging to Walter Hungerford after the Battle of Bosworth Field and extracts from Patent Rolls.
DZSWS:MSS.105 Extracts from manorial and church records on the history of Upton Lovell, Wiltshire.
DZSWS:MSS.106 Extracts from wills for the Heytesbury Hundred.
DZSWS:MSS.107 Manuscript notes, maps,documentary extracts and letters collected by John Britton for a history of Kington St Michael, Wiltshire.
DZSWS:MSS.108 List of engravings and water colours in Britton's Beauties of Wiltshire with references to their location in Devizes Museum collections.
DZSWS:MSS.110 Extracts from documents and monuments on the history of Crudwell, Oaksey and Hankerton, including notes on the history of the villages.
DZSWS:MSS.111 Discussion of antiquities in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire and Warwickshire.
DZSWS:MSS.112 Discussion of Berkshire antiquities.
DZSWS:MSS.113 Refutation of Rev.Mr Wise's letter to Dr Mead on the antiquities of Berkshire.
DZSWS:MSS.114 Lists of field names and land ownership in parishes around Pewsey, with brief family tree of the Wroughton family.
DZSWS:MSS.115 Notes on industry in Castle Combe.
DZSWS:MSS.116 Economic history of Coleshill, Berkshire, including a graph of sheep and wool production 1400=60.
DZSWS:MSS.117 Article in the New York Times on the white horses of Wiltshire.
DZSWS:MSS.119 List of persons and amounts assessed for Ship Money in Kingsbridge Hundred, Devon in 1635.
DZSWS:MSS.120 Taxation lists for parishes in Kingsbridge Hundred, Devon 1697-1705.
DZSWS:MSS.121 Brief history of Braydon Pond and the area round.
DZSWS:MSS.124 Notes on the surviving Rood Screen at Dauntsey, including a drawing, apparently for an article in Wiltshire Notes and Queries No. 72 of December 1910.
DZSWS:MSS.125 Extract from WAM concerning documents relating to Westley and the manor of Great Whitecliff.
DZSWS:MSS.126 Copies of Benet memorial tablets in Wroughton church.
DZSWS:MSS.127 Autobiographical poem of Thomas Hobbes, translated into English.
DZSWS:MSS.128 Copies of documents and letters concerning Lady Arabella Stuart, including some original documents.
DZSWS:MSS.129 Notes on the history and geology of the vale of Warminster, including maps, drawings and letters.
DZSWS:MSS.130 Extracts from government and heraldic documents for Wiltshire.
DZSWS:MSS.131 List of pensions paid to maimed soldiers and sailors in north east Wiltshire 1688=1690 in the accounts of Robert Lawrence, Treasurer of north Wiltshire.


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