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DZSWS:Book.12902 Parish Registers: Malmesbury, Lea & Woodborough: Marriages. Transcript by John Sadler.
DZSWS:Book.8306 Mate's Illistrated Guides. MARLBOROUGH. Official Guide of The Marlborough Town Council/1905/Mate Publishers.
DZSWS:Book.10268 The button lover's book / Marilyn V. Green. History, sewing, collecting, care, button boxes, games, art.
DZSWS:Book.7244 Stained Glass/Lee, Lawrence/1967/Oxford University Press.
DZSWS:Book.11470 WIlliam Cox (1764-1837): a short biography by Eric Leeson and William Cox's journal.
DZSWS:Book.5463 A complete transcript of the parish registers of All Saints, Leigh, Wilts., in the parish of Ashton Keynes, containing baptisms, marriages and burials, 1682-1840 (marriages from 1705) / transcribed and typed from the original registers now deposited in the Wiltshire Record Office, Trowbridge, by Barbara J. Carter.
DZSWS:Book.4443 Register of leases granted by the mayor and burgesses of the Borough of Devizes and lands belonging to the Corporation, 1834.
DZSWS:Book.5231 Some account of suffragan bishops in England.
DZSWS:Book.6532 Welsh antiquity: essays mainly on prehistoric topics, presented to H.N.Savory upon his retirement as Keeper of Archaeology / edited by George C. Boon & J.M.Lewis.
DZSWS:Book.9460 The medieval landscape of Wessex / edited by Michael Aston & Carenza Lewis.
DZSWS:Book.11948 The Wiltshire, Devonshire and Dorsetshire portion of the Lewes chartulary, with London and Essex documents from the Surrey portion / edited by W. Budgen & L.F.Salzman.
DZSWS:Book.11880 The Pastor of Wellbourn/Archer, Hannah/1849.
DZSWS:Book.11881 The orders, decrees and ordinances of the borough and town of Marlborough (Wilts), founded on the charter of Queen Elizabeth 1575/ extracted from the municipal records of Marlborough/Cunnington, B.Howard/ 1929/Wilts Archaeological Society..
DZSWS:Book.10022 The Wiltshire Regiment 1756-1914 / Martin McIntyre.
DZSWS:Book.8222 The bishop's transcripts and parish registers of Baverstock: baptisms & burials 1559-1837.
DZSWS:Book.3643 Melksham - a backward glance. A collection of photographs showing the life and people of the town/Editors Watts, Megan; Watts, Donald and Merrett, Kenneth/1985/Melksham and District Historical Association and Avon Rubber plc.
DZSWS:Book.2114 A M. & S.W.J.R. album: a pictorial history of the Midland and South Western Junction Railway. Vol.1. 1872-1899 / David Barrett; Brian Bridgeman; Denis Bird.
DZSWS:Book.10294 The wonderful story of leather / Beeby, K J/British Lrather Confederation/undated.
DZSWS:Book.8937 Dictionnaire critique et documentaire des peintres, sculpteurs, dessinateurs et graveurs de tous les temps et de tous les pays par un groupe d'ecrivans specialistes francais et etrangers / E. Benezit.
DZSWS:Book.8938 An alarm to unconverted sinners, in a serious treatise /Alleine, Joseph/1811.
DZSWS:Book.8939 The pastor of Wellbourn and his flock/.
DZSWS:Book.8940 Family of Bayliffe in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire /Bayliffe, Bryant G.
DZSWS:Book.8941 Afloat In Time, a people's history celebrating one hundred years of the Pewsey and District Carnival/Compiled by the Pewsey Carnival Committee/1999/The Pewsey Heritage Project.
DZSWS:Book.8942 Saints and saints' lives: essays in honour of D.H.Farmer.
DZSWS:Book.8943 Prehistoric cave art in Northern Spain Asturias / Magin Berenguer.
DZSWS:Book.8944 The Silbury Treasure : The Great Goddess Rediscovered/ Dames, Michael/ Thames and Hudson/ 1976.
DZSWS:Book.8945 With all hopes dashed in the human zoo: the true and heart-rending story of Mary Baker / Baker, Mary/1990.
DZSWS:Book.6334 The Goddess of the Stones,The Language of the Megalithss,Georrge Terence Meaden, 1991, Souvenir Press.
DZSWS:Book.11912 Great Bedwyn and its Memorials,Adams, W.Maurice,1925, The Marlborough T\imes.
DZSWS:Book.11915 The Two Bedwyns, Adams, W.Maurice, 1906, The Marlboropgh Times.
DZSWS:Book.11867 Parish church, Bradford, Wilts, monumental inscriptions copied from a print lent me by the Revd.E. Goddard,Rector of Clyffe Pypard, Willts, AdyeChaeles S.,1901.
DZSWS:Book.12057 Catalogue of Stourhead Library 1815/Hoare, Richard/1883/London.
DZSWS:Book.11747 Birds' Marsh, Chippenham An Unfinished Story/Hunt, Stephen, E/2010.
DZSWS:Book.12067.1 Addresses of Henry Hunt, vol.1.
DZSWS:Book.12067.2 Addresses of Henry Hunt, vol.2, T.Dolby et al, 1822.
DZSWS:Book.1547 The gentle Hertford: her life and letters /Hughes, Helen Sard (ed.), Macmillan,1940.
DZSWS:Book.5304 Correspondence between Frances, Countess of Hartford (afterwards Duchess of Somerset) and Henrietta Louisa, Countess of Pomfret, between the years 1738 and 1741 / Wm Bingley (ed). Richard Phillips, 1805, vol 1.
DZSWS:Book.5305 Correspondence between Frances, Countess of Hartford (afterwards Duchess of Somerset) and Henrietta Louisa, Countess of Pomfret, between the years 1738 and 1741 / Wm Bingley (ed). Richard Phillips, 1805, vol 2.
DZSWS:Book.5306 Correspondence between Frances, Countess of Hartford (afterwards Duchess of Somerset) and Henrietta Louisa, Countess of Pomfret, between the years 1738 and 1741 / Wm Bingley (ed). Richard Phillips, 1805, vol 3.
DZSWS:Book.2132 W.H.Hudson: writer and naturalist / Dennis Shrubsall. Compton Press, 1978.
DZSWS:Book.6932 Who Owns Stonehenge?, Chippindale,Chrristopher et al,1990, Batsford, London.
DZSWS:Book.8559 The diary of a Wessex farmer: Josiah Jackson, 1882-1904 / Colin Clark (ed.). Charldon Publications, 1996.
DZSWS:Book.4222 'Orator 'Hunt and Working-Class Radicalism, Belchem,John, Oxford, Clarendon Press,1965.
DZSWS:Book.11984 Silver Trumpets,More 'Homely Woman' Talks,Inchfawn,Fay, nd, London,Ward ,Lock and Co.,.
DZSWS:Book.7960 Collected Papers of Cecily Piggott and Others, Piggott, C M, Various, including 'An early British Agricultural Village site on Highdole Hill Near Telscombe' by G A Holleyman, 'Romano-British Site on Wolstonbury Hill' by G A Holleyman, 'Late bronze Age Urns from Swindon' ny C M Piggott, 'A Romano-British Bloomery in East Sussex' by Ernest Straker and Barry H Lucas, 'Early Iron Age Site at Southcote, Reading' by C M Piggott and W A Seaby, 'Stone and Earth Circles in Dorset' by Stuart and C M Piggott, 'An iron Age "A" Site on Harnham Hill' by C M Piggott, 'Excavations at Rams Hill, Uffington, Berks' by Stuart and C M Piggott, 'An Unrecorded Iron Age Enclosure on Rockbourne Down, Hants' by Stuart Piggott, 'Report on the Pottery from Winkelbury Camp' by C M Piggott, Five Late Bronze Age Enclosures in North Wiltshire' by C M Piggott, 'Excavation of Fifteen Barrows in the new Foest, 1941-2' by C M Piggott, 'Three Turf Barrows at Hurn near Christchurch' by C M Piggott, 'An Iron Age Site at Bledlow, Bucks' by J F Head and C M Piggott, 'The Grim's Ditch Complex in Cranborne Chase' by C M Piggott, 'A Flint Axe of Scandinavian type from Dorset' by C M Piggott, 'Probable Long Barows and Stones near Eggardon' and 'The Chambered Cairn of the "Grey Mare and Colts"' by Stuart Piggott, 'The Late Bronze Age Razors of the British Isles' by C M Piggott,.
DZSWS:Book.8836 The biography of a country church: Berwick St. John , Hazel Giffard,. Berwick St. John: Winkelbury Publications, 1999.
DZSWS:Book.11914 Savernake in the Vale/Adams, W Maurice/ first published in installments in the MarlboroughTiimes during 1905.
DZSWS:Book.11914.1 Peeps into the Past: Supplementary notes on Savernake in the Vale, Adams, W Maurice, Cuttings from the Marlborough times, 1920.
DZSWS:Book.8743 Printed maps of Wiltshire 1787-1844: a selection of topogrqphical road and canal maps in facsimile / John Chandler (ed.) Wiltshire Record Society, vol.52. 1998.
DZSWS:Book.9744 Devizes Division income tax assessments, 1842-1860 / Robert Colley (ed.). Wiltshire Record Society, vol.55. 2002.
DZSWS:Book.9554 The first general entry book of the city of Salisbury, 1387-1452 / David R.Carr. Wiltshire Record Society, vol.54. 2001.
DZSWS:Book.10854 Early motor vehicle registration in Wiltshire, 1903-1914 / Ian Hicks (ed.). Wiltshire Record Society, vol.58. 2006.
DZSWS:Book.10591 Wiltshire farming in the seventeenth century / Joseph Bettey (ed.). Wiltshire Record Society, vol.57. 2005.
DZSWS:Book.11276 The Hungerford cartulary, part two: a calendar of the Hobhouse cartulary of the Hungerford family / J.l.Kirby. Wiltshire Record Society, vol.60. 2007.
DZSWS:Book.11109 Marlborough probate inventories, 1591-1775 / Lorelei Williams & Sally Thomson. Wiltshire Record Society, vol.59. 2007.
DZSWS:Book.10002 Wiltshire glebe terriers, 1588-1827 / Steven Hobbs (ed). Wiltshire Record Society, vol.56. 2002.
DZSWS:Book.11521 The court records of Brinkworth and Charlton, 1544-1648 / Douglas Crowley (ed.). Wiltshire Record Society, vol. 61. 2009.
DZSWS:Book.11554 The diary of William Henry Tucker, 1825-1850 / Helen Rogers (ed.). Wiltshire Record Society, vol. 62. 2009.
DZSWS:Book.11732 Gleanings from Wiltshire parish registers / Steven Hobbs (ed.). Wiltshire Record Society, vol. 63. 2010.
DZSWS:Book.11799 William Small's cherished memories and associations /Howells, Jane and Newman, (eds.). Wiltshire Record Society, vol. 64. 2011.
DZSWS:Book.8530 The apprentice registers of the Wiltshire Society, 1817-1922 / Henly, H.R. (ed.). Wiltshire Record Society, vol. 51. 1997.
DZSWS:Book.8255 The letters of John Peniston, Salisbury architect, catholic, and yeomanry officer, 1823-1830 / Michael Cowan. Wiltshire Record Society, vol. 50. 1996.
DZSWS:Book.7581 The Hungerford cartulary: a calendar of the Earl of Radnor's cartulary of the Hungerford family /Kirby, J L/ Wiltshire Record Society, vol.49/1994.
DZSWS:Book.5927 The Wiltshire tax list of 1332 / D.A.Crowley (ed.). Wiltshire Record Society, vol. 45. 1989.
DZSWS:Book.6386 Calendar of Bradford-on-Avon settlement examinations and removal orders, 1725-98 / Phyllis Hembry. Wiltshire Record Society, vol. 46. 1990.
DZSWS:Book.7132 Early trade directories of Wiltshire / Rogers, K H (ed.)/ Wiltshire Record Society, Vol. 46/Trowbridge/1990.
DZSWS:Book.7340 Star Chamber suits of John and Thomas Warneford / F.E.Warneford (ed)/ Wiltshire Record Society, vol. 48/1993.
DZSWS:Book.12901 Beyond Stonehenge, Essays on the Bronze Age In Honour of Colin Burgess.
DZSWS:Book.11982 Stonehenge World Heritage Site, Landscape Project, King Barrow Ridge, Archaeological Survey Report by Sharon Bishop.
DZSWS:Book.11985 Stonehenge World Heritage Site, Landscape Project, Level I Field Investigations, Archaeological Survey Report/Bishop, Sharon//English Heritage Research Department Report Series No 82-2011/English Heritage/2011.
DZSWS:Book.11983 The Stones of Stonehenge Project, Investigations in the Kennet valley in 2011.
DZSWS:Book.11944 The Light Fantastic Using airborne lidar in archaelogical survey/Edited by Jones, David M/2010/English Heritage Publising.
DZSWS:Book.12155 Aldbourne our village, an appraisal/Aldbourne Parish Council/1977; a village appraisal undertken by the Alderbourne Parish Council in the mid 1970's.
DZSWS:Book.12265 Britain and the Celtic Iron Age/James, Simon and Rigby, Valerie/1997.
DZSWS:Book.12267 Vindolandia, Research, New Series, Volume III, The Early Wooden Forts. Preliminary reports on the Leather,Textiles, Environmental Evidence and Dendrochronology/ Van Driel-Murray, Carol et al/1993.
DZSWS:Book.12266 The Hoxne Treasure, an illustrated introduction/ Bland, Roger and Johns, Catherine/1993.
DZSWS:Book.12268 The Royal Gold Cup in the British Museum/British Museum/1924.
DZSWS:Book.11941 The Amsebury Archer and the Boscombe Bowmen, Bell Beaker burials at Boscombe Down, Amsbury, Wiltshire/Fitzpatrick, A P/2011; Wessex Archaeology Report 27.
DZSWS:Book.12379 Wiltshire Railways/Maggs, Colin G/2009.
DZSWS:Book.12381 John Aubrey and the Advancement of Learning/Poole, William/Bodleian Library/2010.
DZSWS:Book.12202 John Aubrey and Stone Circles, Britain's First Archaeologist, from Avebury to Stonehenge/Burl, Aubrey/2010.
DZSWS:Book.12934 Anglo-Saxon Jewellery/Ronald Jessup/1974.
DZSWS:Book.9386 The Hamwic Glass/J R Hunter and M P Heyworth/1998.
DZSWS:Book.9977 The Work of Angels', Masterpieces of Celtic Metalwork, 6th-9th centuries AD/Susan Youngs/1989.
DZSWS:Book.1944 Anglo-Saxon and Viking Age Sculpture and its Context, papers from the Collingwood Symposium on insular sculpture from 800 to 1066/\susan Youngs/1978.
DZSWS:Book.8863 The Glass Beads of Anglo-Saxon England c.AD 400-700, a preliminary visual classification of the more definitive and diagnostic types/Margaret Guido/1999.
DZSWS:Book.8558 A Catalogue of Celtic Ornamental Metalwork in the British Isles c AD 400-1200/Lloyd Laing/1993.
DZSWS:Book.2033 Wheel-Thrown Pottery in Anglo-Saxon Graves/Vera I Evison/1979.
DZSWS:Book.1751.1 A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Pottery of the Pagan Period, Volume 1/J N L Myres/1977/Cambridge University Press.
DZSWS:Book.1751.2 A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Pottery of the Pagan Period, Volume 2/J N L Myres/1977/Cambridge University Press.
DZSWS:Book.5682 Colchester Archaeological Report 5, The post-Roman small finds from excavations in Colchester 1971-85/Nina Crummy/1988.
DZSWS:Book.10537 Early Anglo-Saxon Buckets, a Corpus of Copper Alloy- and Iron-bound, Stave-built Vessels/Cook, Jean, Mary, (author)/ Brugmann, Birte, (editor)/2004.
DZSWS:Book.5877 Weapons and Warfare in Anglo-Saxon England/Sonia Chadwick Hawkes/1989.
DZSWS:Book.11232 Anglo-Saxon Settlements/Della Hooke/1988.
DZSWS:Book.8488 Anglo-Saxon Great Square-Headed Brooches /John Hines/1997.
DZSWS:Book.5027 Anglo-Saxon Pottery and the Settlement of England/J N L Myres/1969.
DZSWS:Book.9379 The Quoit Brooch Style and Anglo-Saxon Settlement, a casting and recasting of cultural identity symbols/Seiichi Suzuki/2000.
DZSWS:Book.12935 Catalogue of the Anglo-Saxon Ornamental Metalwork 700-1100 in the Department of Antiquities Ashmolean Museum/David A. Hinton/1974.
DZSWS:Book.8625 Late Saxon Stirrup-Strap Mounts, a contribution to the study of Late Saxon ornamental metalwork,CBA Research Report 111/Williams, David/1997.
DZSWS:Book.8470 Early Anglo-Saxon Shields/Tania Dickinson and Heinrich Harke/1992.


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